Hermann von Drateln(non-registered)
Great photos, ... speechless

Thank you for sharing
John B Siemak(non-registered)
Very good composition and clarity in these photos... Very profession looking and great angles on some great new and vintage aircraft!
Nice Photos Mark I always enjoy seeing them.
Kevin Bui(non-registered)
Amazing pictures!
Lt. Col. Claudio Alcazar S.(non-registered)
Greetings from the Chilean Air Force, amazing work.
Mark Walker(non-registered)
Fantastic photography! I'd love to shadow you at an airshow to see how you get such awesome pictures.
Mark Krause(non-registered)
You've got some seriously sweet images in your Photo Gallery. We both share a great passion for Aviation Shots! Keep 'em Flying...
Alec Ricci(non-registered)
Gr8 Images of Aviation - Please keep uploading & sharing with your fellow Aviators
Grazie- Thank you
Don Walker(non-registered)
Amazing pics! When will the pics from yesterday's Blue Angels show be up on the site? As my wife already wrote, we'll look forward to seeing you again next year!
Marty Walker(non-registered)
Hershey, Winkie, Don and I enjoyed watching the Angels with you today. We kept repeating your site name until we could get home and bookmark it! Amazing shots!! We'll look forward to seeing you again next year, same spot!
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