Peter E.(non-registered)
Was at Travis and got to chat with you for a minute. Love the Raptor pic and hope you were able to get it signed. Love to see anything cool you got that day! Keep it up!
Jim West(non-registered)
Stumbled onto that amazing F 22 vapor photo on FB. Wow. I was with a recon squadron of F4s in Vietnam and I remember the vortexes in front of the intakes during the monsoon season which your photo brought to mind. Beautiful work.
Paul Potgieter(non-registered)
Bought a copy of your superb F22 vapour photo! Best photo of the century! Your work is really amazing!
Adam Campbell
Just received my 20x30 print of and it is AWESOME. Great shot. Can't wait to get it framed. Best F-22 photo I have ever seen.
Ricky Aguas(non-registered)
Superb work Mark!
Arkadiusz R Jagielski
Stumbled upon a spectacular discovery on my Facebook feed - such beautiful photos! Especially adoring the F22 Raptor (just purchased a digital copy). Now following for more stunning shots in the future.
Hermann von Drateln(non-registered)
Great photos, ... speechless

Thank you for sharing
John B Siemak(non-registered)
Very good composition and clarity in these photos... Very profession looking and great angles on some great new and vintage aircraft!
Nice Photos Mark I always enjoy seeing them.
Kevin Bui(non-registered)
Amazing pictures!
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